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Leading international executive search and leadership advisory partnerships, Panorama and TGCL, agree to merge

Panorama and TGCL consolidate their international networks in one, offering executive search and leadership advisory services across 5 continents. Panorama is a global partnership of 21 firms, all of which are leading companies in their operating markets. It has over 40 offices in 20 countries across America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa. TGCL (The Global Community […]

2018 Diversity and Inclusion report, the CEOs perspective

Although there are some specific differences in different markets, overall there is a common denominator concern, wishes and objectives without a clearly set deadline seem to define Diversity in the business world. The will for change exists, but all too often not a budget nor someone held accountable for progress. The impact of the initiatives […]

AESC Announces 2018 Officers and New Appointments to its Global Board of Directors

(AESC) today announces 2018 officers and the appointments of five new Directors to the AESC Global Board of Directors, which consists of elected representatives from each of AESC’s three Regional Councils: Americas; Asia Pacific and Middle East; Europe and Africa. […] Krista Walochik, president of Talengo and The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL) has been […]

How can art influence your perception of another?

What does art teach us for our professional life? On first sight this question might sound unusual, particularly in a world that is so often guided by Cartesian logic, as the market is. But one must understand that we are, above all, dealing with human complexities, which involve much deeper aspects such as society, economy, […]

New partnership creates a global network of Executive Search and Consultancy firms

Alderbrooke, ALSpective and Talengo, as key players in Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy businesses on their eight markets, have today launched The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL), a new international community where the three firms will be able to offer an integrated service to clients looking for global solutions. The Global Community for Leaders combines the expertise of each […]

The Future of Executive Search

Executive Search (Headhunting) reaches the age of maturity. Will new technologies, capable of crossing millions of data on companies and their leaders, overcome the most seasoned Executive Search Consultants? Nothing is less sure. “For ALSpective, Executive Search remains an art exercised by experienced advisors, to motivate bold talents to invent possible futures in another company”. […]

AESC Study Reveals Organizations Struggling with Generational Transition of Leadership

The new AESC study, The New Wave: Next Generation Executive Talent, reveals a heightened degree of anxiety as senior executives worldwide grapple with keeping pace in a climate of constant uncertainty and lightning fast change. Some key findings from the survey reveal: C-suite executives are concerned about delivering revenue growth amid widespread and constant disruption. Business […]

Only knowledge transforms, by Adriana Prates

How do we feel and what sensations do we experience when we dive into a story? A recent survey of 1100 people by the Roma Tre University revealed that reading makes us happier and helps us to better face our existence. The scientists also identified that people who read live a happier life and are […]