Leading international executive search and leadership advisory partnerships, Panorama and TGCL, agree to merge

Panorama and TGCL consolidate their international networks in one, offering executive search and leadership advisory services across 5 continents.

  • Panorama is a global partnership of 21 firms, all of which are leading companies in their operating markets. It has over 40 offices in 20 countries across America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa.
  • TGCL (The Global Community for Leaders) is an international network of executive search and leadership advisory partner firms, with 12 offices located in 8 countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
  • Both networks are full members of the profession’s leading association, AESC, and have active roles in regional and global leadership.
  • The merged organisation, which will trade under the Panorama name, represents an exceptional community of 24 partner firms with 170 consultants offering executive search and leadership advisory services in over 50 offices across the globe.

October 26, 2018.   Leading international executive search and leadership advisory partnerships, Panorama and TGCL, join forces to consolidate their presence across 5 continents.  The merger aligns synergetic geographic footprints, with TGCL bringing critical mass in Europe and Latin America to Panorama’s strength in America, Asia, and Oceania. The resulting organisation has a truly global reach, with an established presence in the world’s major economic centers.

Panorama currently has 21 partner firms, all of which are leading players in their respective operating markets. Through its partners, Panorama brings together a vast experience across all industries: private, public as well as third-sector organizations. Panorama has over 40 offices and over 170 consultants throughout America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.  In response to the global market, Panorama’s partner network addresses client needs and requirements from an international perspective, combining local sensitivity and in-depth knowledge regarding each market. In 2017, it was named one of the 25 Top Global executive search firms by Hunt Scanlon Media.

The Global Community for Leaders, TGCL, includes the most innovative independent executive search and leadership consultancy firms in their markets, united with cutting-edge know-how and global reach.  Working from 12 offices based in 8 different countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America, the network offers executive search, talent and culture diagnostics, leadership development, and board and strategy services to discerning clients across a broad range of sectors. TGCL member firms are multicultural sector experts, highly international in their reach, and proactive supporters of diversity in leadership.

Krista Walochik, Chair of TGCL said:

“The fit between Panorama and TGCL is exceptional, in terms of culture and values, sector knowledge, and geographic coverage. We are delighted now to be able to offer our clients a truly global response to their leadership challenges, knowing that our partners around the world share our commitment to excellence, quality of service, in-depth sector expertise, and the ethics embodied by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC)”,

“In addition to offering exceptional executive search services, we look forward to expanding the network’s advisory offering in the areas of analytics, leadership development, and boards.”

Craig Buffkin, Chair of Panorama said:

“We are excited to welcome the TGCL Network into the Panorama global family.  TGCL is a perfect fit culturally, professionally and geographically.  The firms within TGCL add depth in executive search and leadership advisory services, as well as, geographic coverage in both Europe and LATAM.  We know our clients will share our enthusiasm about our new partners as we share the same values in excellence, services and professionalism.  With the merger, the Panorama partnership now has 21 firms and over 40 office locations, covering 5 continents.”



About Panorama

Operating across the world’s major time zones, Panorama is an international group of 21 independent firms who are leading players in their respective markets. While representing a diverse range of local markets and areas of expertise, Panorama members share a strategic commitment to excellence along with similar values and ethics. Through its global reach, Panorama offers clients an ever-expanding global executive search and leadership advisory force with a wide variety of sector expertise.

diversity inclusion report

2018 Diversity and Inclusion report, the CEOs perspective

Although there are some specific differences in different markets, overall there is a common denominator concern, wishes and objectives without a clearly set deadline seem to define Diversity in the business world.
The will for change exists, but all too often not a budget nor someone held accountable for progress. The impact of the initiatives in place is rarely measured either. So, the current statistics on the representation of women and the mix of nationalities in the workplace leave a lot to be desired. The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL), the international community that offers integrated services in Leadership Consulting and Executive Search, has prepared this study “Diversity & Inclusion: the CEO’s perspective” to test the current state of Diversity in Brazil, Denmark, France, Spain and Switzerland.

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krista walochik aesc

AESC Announces 2018 Officers and New Appointments to its Global Board of Directors

(AESC) today announces 2018 officers and the appointments of five new Directors to the AESC Global Board of Directors, which consists of elected representatives from each of AESC’s three Regional Councils: Americas; Asia Pacific and Middle East; Europe and Africa. […]

Krista Walochik, president of Talengo and The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL) has been named Chair Emeritus

Paul Benson, AESC Chair, commented: ‘I look forward to working with our Directors and AESC members around the world through this pivotal phase in our profession. In an era of widespread disruption and lightning-fast change, business leaders more than ever look to trusted advisors for a competitive advantage in their industries. It is imperative that AESC and its global members continue to operate at the height of the profession and be at the forefront of talent consulting on behalf of their clients.’

Karen Greenbaum, AESC President and CEO, commented: ‘Our Board reflects the exemplary standards of AESC’s global membership of leading executive search and advisory firms. I would like to thank our Board for their commitment to the successful future of our profession. Our Board helps AESC align our strategic direction with that of our members around the world. We are proud to represent the very best firms in the profession—whether large and global, regional or local—as we focus on new challenges facing top leaders, from global expansion and artificial intelligence to cyber risk, mass generational shift and increasing regulation.’

Read more Menafn, January 2018


How can art influence your perception of another?

What does art teach us for our professional life? On first sight this question might sound unusual, particularly in a world that is so often guided by Cartesian logic, as the market is. But one must understand that we are, above all, dealing with human complexities, which involve much deeper aspects such as society, economy, and global cultures… I therefore believe in the power of art and its unique ability to open people’s eyes to broader issues, whether they be of a personal or professional nature.

These reflections came to me after participating in the visual project and content creation of our new site, launched in commemoration of Dasein’s 22nd anniversary in August. And what does art have to do with this? I’ll explain later.

Although I have a keen interest in online content (and understand its vital role), I’m by no means adept in the area and it was perhaps because of this that I wanted to understand better how companies present themselves in the digital world. It involved hours and hours of research. I came across some very interesting things, both from an aesthetic and informative point of view, but the majority didn’t generate much surprise; perhaps because sites tend to follow the same trends or models. But why not be daring?

I concluded that this would be a good opportunity to step away from the traditional digital model and explore all the creativity and intrinsic sensitivity in Dasein’s work. And that’s where art comes in. After all, we know that in order to reach higher levels of performance and satisfaction, we need increasingly bigger doses of inspiration. We are specialists at stimulating the flourishment of our client’s inspiration and in such make them able to take decisions that ensure they shall remain whole, integrated, safe and true.

I believe that contact with the most diverse art forms does not end with the experience of contemplation. It is something that broadens our perception of the other and the world, and we can therefore draw inspiration from their techniques and artistic practices to deliver surprising results.

We are ahead of our time and know that “work done like art” is something that is pleasurable and creates a sense of fulfilment. I’m not talking about an explicit relationship. It is a way of thinking and acting that elevates aspects like reason, sensitivity, wisdom, optimisation, and result to the forefront. There is nothing more destructive than being limited to oneself. We know that the more contact a person has with artistic genres, the more insights and new answers they will be capable of producing. We try and reinforce this concept on our site via the relationship of Dasein’s main values with works and emblematic genres of art. You’ll notice, above all, the following connections on our site:


Superior results are achieved when there is a constant search for improvement and evolution. This is the mission that defines our client relationships.


Ethics and loyalty are the cornerstone of our work and an integral part of our corporate culture and identity. A solid foundation for relationships made to last.


Empathy, respect and perception enable us to understand human and business needs to deliver solutions that meet the expectations of all those involved.


Courage and wisdom are necessary to avoid the trivial. It is with this in mind that we create bold solutions for companies that need to be ahead of their time.


Question models, research diligently, reinvent yourself daily. We believe that innovation and transformation emerge from the constant search for learning.

We understand that our way of working is a type of art in itself. Herein we employ our talent, passion, enchantment and gifts, and we only see these ways of working in the various art forms. Doing something with passion is an artistic construction and we know that we are able to deal with our clients’ most essential questions in this way. It is a means of making them see things from a different perspective, with a broader view. This enables them, together with rationale, to use other attributes that they already possess, even though they are not aware of how much these can contribute and how much more fulfilled they will feel in what they do or choose to do.

We know that art demonstrates a form of presence, wholeness, and apparently illogical completeness. One doesn’t need to write poems, compose music or paint paintings to enjoy the benefits of art. I sometimes see businessmen saying “a few days ago a consultant came to me see, but I didn’t like what they were saying, it sounded like a sham, poetry”. I understood that this shows the limited concept that many have of the benefits that art can contribute to professionals and executives that seek success.

Whether it be reading, enjoying, appreciating, composing, meditating (or in the poetic interruptions we do weekly), we provide our clients with a unique opportunity to change direction, to think outside of the box. When a person comes into contact with art, they have no control over how the work will affect them, given it is not information, but a sensation. It is a type of adventure that one does, even if quickly, when one returns to their everyday life. There will be a change in perception and it is very common for the professional to subsequently identify new ways and solutions, which, in the majority of cases, are more complete, resistant, safe and mature.

There are many factors that help us to go further and art is certainly one of them. It helps us to understand sensitivity, the context and importance of unconditional presence in relation to clients, people and challenges. We understand that our client’s world is also our world. That their life is also our life. We become and remain whole. It is by way of this intense and complete dedication that we are able to keenly perceive the key points of a problem and propose immediate solutions.

I firmly believe that art has helped us to become a world reference for quality, originality, and the ability to achieve. We work with people and know that our role in society is indispensable. Not only as Dasein, but also as somebody who looks after people in a humane, sensitive and professional manner.

By Adriana Prates,

the global community for leaders

New partnership creates a global network of Executive Search and Consultancy firms

Alderbrooke, ALSpective and Talengo, as key players in Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy businesses on their eight markets, have today launched The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL), a new international community where the three firms will be able to offer an integrated service to clients looking for global solutions.

The Global Community for Leaders combines the expertise of each firm to explore new assessment techniques, champion the use of the latest technologies and promote best practice in search, culture and talent management. TGCL is unique in that each of the member firms offers both executive search and consultancy, providing a uniquely differentiated service.

TGCL will also publish regular insights and content tailored to international businesses, addressing the issues and challenges that companies face as they strive to recruit and retain the best talent and develop world-class talent management capabilities.

ALSpective, the international Executive Search firm offering Leadership Consulting, Governance and Strategy, currently has offices in Paris, Geneva and Tunis. With bases across the UK and the Middle East, Alderbrooke provides bespoke Executive Search services alongside unique cultural and talent diagnostic tools.

Talengo has 20 years of experience in Leadership Consultancy, Executive Search and Board Advisory services across Europe and the Americas, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bogotá and Mexico City.

Krista Walochik, Founder of Talengo comments:

“In an interconnected global economy where transformation at pace is the new norm, exceptional organisations advance based on their uniqueness and ability to harness diversity. We are passionate about the purpose-built solutions for global talent challenges that TGCL alliance can offer, based on inclusive leadership, breadth of market knowledge and our innovative service offering.”

Albert Hiribarrondo, Founder of ALSpective comments:

“Our business world embraces new cultures to-day, opens fast growing markets, attracts multicultural profiles, creates new perspectives for any leader of any firm … We are proud of the launch of TGCL, focusing on Leadership as a key for our future.  There is no better answer, in business, than investing in positive Leadership and Human Capital. ALSpective, Talengo and Alderbrooke know it, and will help their clients with it together now.”

Paul Cook, Founder of Alderbrooke comments:

“The Global Community for Leaders is much more than just dots on a map – these are three firms with uniquely suited offerings, skillsets and approaches taking part in an integrated new organisation which can deliver something other networks cannot – the blend of executive search and consultancy services. We’re confident that market interest and demand for what TGCL can bring to global businesses is very appealing.”



Contact details:

Hannah Cambridge

Account Manager


+44 (0)207 440 8682



Marketing and Communication


+33 1 70 22 45 00


Mayte Martinez

Marketing Director


+34 91 575 12 00


About Alderbrooke

Founded in 2012, Alderbrooke is a leading Executive Search and cultural diagnostics consultancy, which uses people analytics to unlock the potential of clients’ existing teams and identify the best talent in the market. Alderbrooke works with boards, management teams and human resources, providing retained search and innovative performance diagnostic tools that measure, assess and develop talent.

For further information

About ALSpective

Founded in 2015, with a team of highly experienced partners, ALSpective helps CEOs and firms to Align their Leadership and their Strategy. For all Top Executives Committees or Boards, in any assignment, ALSpective develops new perspectives in a 3 dimensional unique approach: “to Care, to Dare, to Share”. ALSpective has offices in Paris, Geneva and Tunis.

For further information visit


About Talengo

Talengo is a global Leadership Consulting and Executive Search firm with more than 20 years of experience. A recognised leader in innovative talent and leadership solutions, Talengo assists companies over a full spectrum of business strategies: growth, optimisation, diversification, transformation, and globalisation.

For further information visit


The Future of Executive Search

Executive Search (Headhunting) reaches the age of maturity. Will new technologies, capable of crossing millions of data on companies and their leaders, overcome the most seasoned Executive Search Consultants? Nothing is less sure.

“For ALSpective, Executive Search remains an art exercised by experienced advisors, to motivate bold talents to invent possible futures in another company”.

In fifty years of existence, headhunting has become a science, deploying a rigorous process:

– Direct leadership search

– To offer a choice of solutions (at least three) as possible answers to an identified need: a new key executive (M / F) for an organization. The methodology is relentless: definition of a target profile, search of 100+ relevant contacts, ten appointments, three finalists selected, up to one recruited leader. It is a statistical law, almost mathematical. However, each mission is a unique project.

1. The digital world as a new tool for the Executive Search industry

However methodical it may be, conservative and classic, it can be seen in the eyes of some, Executive Search is transformed at high speed and integrates all new technologies.

Here are some illustrations:
– Data management. What do dating sites of people, CV screening machines will do: to sort millions of profiles in a few milliseconds…
The use of cloud (remote), and data security (confidentiality), are two instruments of the future of Executive Search– Support of social networks. Digital transforms the search for talent: end of classifieds, searches by keywords, solicitations of communities, online selection tools … For the heart of its business, the connection, Executive Search relies on all available tools and makes choices according to the sectors, countries, populations targeted…– Its territory is the world. No leadership hunt is limited to a region or a country. The talent sought may be far or ideally rubbed with other cultures. The first interviews will take place at a distance, reserving the face to face at the final stage of selection.

– Complex assessments and enhanced guarantees. With larger governance involved in all strategic decisions, decision-making becomes collegial and more complex. Consequently, Executive assessments, especially for a better “cultural fit” between the company and the candidates,
will be part of the executive search expertise, on the one hand… and more guarantees, to protect the clients from all stressful risks, on the other hand, become complementary dimensions of Executive Search, essential for the success of this “Industry”.


« Care, Dare, Share », three essential dimensions of leadership.
(source : ALSpective Leadership Index)


Only knowledge transforms, by Adriana Prates

How do we feel and what sensations do we experience when we dive into a story? A recent survey of 1100 people by the Roma Tre University revealed that reading makes us happier and helps us to better face our existence. The scientists also identified that people who read live a happier life and are more optimistic than non-readers. Beyond literature, and its undoubted importance, good content also creates possibilities and has a transformational power, whether it be video narrative, an interview, journalistic material, or our daily posts and tweets.

Producing quality content has always been one of Dasein’s priorities (by the way, this monthly magazine has already been running for more than 10 years). However, over the last few months, during the construction of our new website, the matter gained even greater importance. After all, with such a wide array of good content on offer, how can we provide enriching experiences to our readers? What subjects and language are capable of awakening and renewing values? I believe that the main challenge of this search is not exactly in sharing a story, but the process which one must go through to have something to share.  In order to produce content, it’s necessary to research, develop theories, draw from experience, and check an endless mixture of data and information, which once processed in a determined way, generates what we call knowledge.

This process is very enriching, as once you call into question your beliefs, this drives us to evolve and improve our way of being, acting and doing things. Sharing knowledge opens up a world of possibilities and ensures people take better decisions and improve their products and services. This kind of work is of wide-ranging use, precisely because it’s through knowledge that one achieves transformation, and to be a part of this immense movement is a source of pride for us at Dasein.

The concept of the new site (which will be launched shortly, watch this space!) and our social media presence aim to promote interaction with our public, understand what these people think and how we can evolve and share the trends of our segment, which involves themes such as economics, executive life, job market, leadership, and business management, amongst others.  This content is very important for professionals and executives of different areas, experiences and education, who increasingly think of reaching higher levels of performance and contribution.

This stance revealed itself right at the beginning of our story when we identified the name for our business. In the “Dasein” of the existentialist and humanist philosophers, we sought a strong enough meaning that would justify our intense dedication to what we do. Not only to geographic or even economic growth, but something that would definitively influence people, that would motivate companies and society to focus more on being the best they could be and do. And we realised that the best way to do this would be to share what we know, research what we don’t, and believe that knowledge is an unending source of growth and inclusion.

In demonstrating our way of thinking, our values and beliefs, we also create greater synergy and empathy with the brand, resulting in an environment of mutual development. In the end, this experience generates immeasurable benefits. There’s no better to illustrate it than with a quote from one of the most inspiring symbols of knowledge, Albert Einstein: “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size”.

*Adriana Prates is the president of Dasein Executive Search and member of the AESC Council of the Americas.